Felicem natalem Christi, Merry Christmas

December 9, 2019

The Summer aromas, busier beaches and hotter days say one thing - the Festive Season is well upon us. Vere's Creations - lovingly crafted, labelled and packed by hand - have been part of festivities for nine years and plan on many more. Designed for those seeking distinctive, natural, hand-crafted bliss, without scarfing quality or efficacy. Click image to continue.

Ocean Waters Natural Nutrients for your Skin

November 15, 2019

On average, the ocean seawater has a salinity of about 3.5% meaning on average the weight of seawater is approximately 3.5% dissolved salt. Being denser than fresh and pure water, seawater provides us with wonderful skin healing properties and known to assist eczema prone and sensitive skin. Click image to continue.


Spring into a Healthier Home

September 13, 2019

With spring here, Vere Enviro House Cleaning Range of products covers all you need for keeping your house clean, healthy and natural. From floor cleaners and disinfectants to room sprays and washing products. The Cleaning Range offers a comprehensive guide to maintaining an antibacterial and antimicrobial environment using plant based botanical ingredients, aromatic pure essential oils and Witch Hazel Extract. 
Witch Hazel Herbal Extract, distilled from the twigs and bark of the Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) plant, has wonderful properties and natural solvents. Beneficial for detergents and cleaning solutions to assist with removing stains and clean by lifting debris, grease and wax. Click image to continue.

Honouring Fatherhood

August 27, 2019

Father's Day dates back to at least 1508 in the Roman Catholic tradition, observed on 19th March as the Feast of Saint Joseph, the fatherly ’Nourisher of the Lord’. Father’s Day was not universally celebrated in the USA until the early 20th Century with one of the first observed Father’s Day, when Sonora Smart Dodd, from Washington state, wanted to honour her Dad. Sonora was listening to a Mother’s Day sermon in church .... Click image to continue

With great excitement, Vere unveils a fresh, redesigned brand and packaging

July 22, 2019

With great excitement, Vere unveils a fresh, redesigned brand and packaging.

Timeless, trustworthy and true, Vere's new design emphasises our Australian heritage with the introduction of the Eucalyptus Leaf symbolising our dedication to natural, organic ingredients while protecting our precious earth. 

Created for those seeking an effortlessly stylish, fresh, minimalist and sophisticated presence, the symbol of the Australian Eucalyptus Leaf is dedicated to the extraordinary Eucalyptus tree that defines Australia and dominates our landscapes. Click image to continue.

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