The Vere Evolution

In a world where skin, hair and body care is designed by market research, mass-produced using the ‘best’ synthetic chemicals the least money can buy and where clever advertisers contrive to fool, we believe there is another way. 
Imagine a team fighting the inertia of conformity, bringing together the most powerful materia medica our planet has to offer - herbal, fruit and other plant extracts, exotic botanical oils and vitamins. Their mission: to create exceptional, purpose-specific botanical skin, hair and body care for all skin types.

Imagine a team with a 'no-compromise' approach to integrity and authenticity, sourcing the finest botanical ingredients the world has to offer with one single goal the moment you apply our creation - to experience olfactory and immersive heaven that truly enhances the wellbeing of your skin...naturally. 

Imagine a team that refuses to flood the planet's cosmetics counters with factory-made products, but instead lovingly formulates each of its creations by hand, in our exclusive Melbourne laboratory.

Imagine a team who takes as much pride in their products as they do their children and where the founders aim to build an inspiring oasis, free of soul-destroying commercialism (The founders are not motivated solely by benevolence though. It is just that we believe that values and integrity are incredibly liberating and good for our team, our products and our customers).

Imagine a team where the creative and strategic decisions are intuitive and passionate, stunningly easy and take only seconds to make; liberated by a singularity of purpose and strong adherence to values.

Now stop imagining, for Vere is Latin for truly and Vere truly exists. And if you are reading this, then you are one of the lucky ones in the know.