The Founders

Sometimes it’s fate, sometimes it’s destiny and sometimes it’s luck.

Sandra and Justin were born in Melbourne, each with early, strong creative instincts – Sandra, a passionate art lover, inspired by cousin George, and Justin, just inspired.

Each got blinded in the pursuit of 'credentials', then waylaid by the allure of 'busy-ness' - business, conformity, travel.

Meeting a thousand miles from home, south of the tropic of ambition in the city of sails. Becalmed at times, tossed from pillar to post at others, each was torn, sensing ‘emptiness where there must be something more’.

Sandra, creating what she missed as an allergy-alert teenager, embarked on a series of creations that were natural, everyday products made from organic ingredients. Vere was born.

Far removed from the industrial, corporate and global forces that define skin, hair and body care by their unit cost, Vere hand crafts products in Melbourne, Australia using medicines from the earth are pure, botanical and free of synthetic chemicals. Our desire is simple:

“To make the rituals of everyday life a delightful, luxurious and health-enhancing experience - from the floors that support us to the shower that cleanses us, the laundry that clothes us, the kitchen that feeds us and the bathroom that reassures us.”